Our services

At My Angel’s J&J PPEC, we are dedicated to serving with a smile, being a constant source of happiness and tranquility for your family.

Occupational Therapy

Our program is designed to help children enhance their daily living skills, from fine motor coordination to sensory processing. We work closely with each child, creating personalized plans to boost their ability to play, learn, and engage in meaningful activities.

Speech Therapy

Our services focus on improving a child's communication abilities. Whether it's articulation, language development, or swallowing disorders, our expert therapists are here to guide and support each child in their communicative development.


Understanding the challenges many families face, we offer reliable transportation services to and from our center. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features and are operated by trained professionals.

Skilled Nursing

Our nursing team is at the heart of our care. With a deep understanding of complex medical needs, we provide continuous monitoring, medication administration, and specialized care.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy program aims to enhance mobility, strength, and balance in children. Through individualized exercises and therapeutic activities, we work to boost their physical abilities.

Behavior Therapy

We understand that behavioral challenges can be a part of a child's journey. Our services are designed to address and improve behavioral concerns, helping children develop positive coping strategies and social skills.